Demented Giraffe

Welcome to my humble abode. Why is it called "Demented Giraffe"? "Paul's Place" was my first choice but there are rather a lot of those. So the real reason is, because it's rare.

This site is not under construction, it's just very light on content ;-)

My open source projects

I happen to suffer from the affliction of being a sad wannabee programmer. Unfortunately, although I enjoy coding, I don't get a lot of time to do it :-(. I have been learning C, and I have created some programs that run on the GNU/Linux platform. They have no practical use but hopefully they will raise a smile.

c4 - This is a "Connect 4" or "4 in a Row" style game. If you have never seen this game before, just play it and you'll soon get the hang of it (the rules are very simple).

cursed invaders - This a text version of the "Space Invaders" genre. The novelty will wear off after five minutes, but then again it will only take seconds to download.

Plain English Tutorials

"Plain English Tutorials" are a set of Linux related tutorials that live at LinuxJunior. They are intended to be easy to read guides written in plain English. I have mirrored those tutorials that I have written here in HTML and PDF format. To see them in their proper context, visit the site.

Device Files Explained   HTML VERSION   PDF VERSION
This tutorial explains what device special files are and how they are used.
Introduction to Regular Expressions - More Power to Your Elbow   HTML VERSION   PDF VERSION
This tutorial attempts to give the reader a useful start on the subject of regular expressions.
Understanding File Permissions Part 2 - Beyond "rwx"   HTML VERSION   PDF VERSION
This is a follow on from an existing plain english tutorial that describes the basics of file permissions. This one describes the other flags that can be set apart from read, write and execute.
USB Digital Camera - How to Retrieve Those Snaps   HMTL VERSION   PDF VERSION
This tutorial explains how to use a camera that can act as a USB mass storage device.


Here are some links to a few things that are of interest to me.

This is a suggested route for taking a walk through the village where I live. It will be of absolutely no interest to most of you :-P
Linux Junior is a site for those new to the Linux operating system. It has a forum where you can post questions and links to many other sites of interest.
The Linux Documentation Project is an invaluable source of information for Linux related topics.

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